Furtados School of Music and Tata Class Edge partner to integrate technology with music to bring the best learning experience to schools

A brand that has been synonymous with the word music for generations, now further grows their boundaries and reach. Furtados School of Music has always been a leader and an innovator in the realm of music education in India.

FSM has been innovatively teaching young musicians and helping them fulfil their potential through top-notch methodologies for decades

This innovative proposition has endured and now, Furtados School of Music has decided to make this music learning approach more accessible through its integration with the expertise and reach of TATA Class Edge in the K12 education space.

TATA Class Edge has been a system that encourages creative teaching, learning, interaction and participation across K12 schools. Together, FSM and TCE seek to completely transform the platform of online music education.

With the extensive experience collected by imparting music education for more than 10 years across 200+ schools, FSM has been able to evolve its music curriculum taught in schools to perfectly fit their needs and give the learners the best music learning experience.

The curriculum and pedagogy takes into account – experiential learning, holistic education and is centred around the learner.

The programme – Music Edge is meant to assist school teachers to create the best experiential learning environment where teachers are able to monitor the progress of each student and facilitate growth.

The teacher or instructor must simply select a piece of music that is broken down into several parts and assign it to a class. This technology-led curriculum enables the teachers to accurately focus on the students’ progress.

Music Edge wholeheartedly supports the government’s move to take music learning to the next level by keeping the curriculum well in-sync with the NEP 2020!

It currently offers product categories like Music is Fun (a preschool music learning programme), K12 Instrument and Vocal programme (for Grade 1 to 12 for Piano, Keyboards, Guitar and Indian and Western Vocals).

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model of learning uplifts the whole process of learning music and makes it more approachable for students of all age groups.

In the words of Dharini Upadhyaya, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Furtados School of Music, “Having the right Music mentor and a strong curriculum is essential. Music Edge is an all-rounded package that includes a structured curriculum bundled with live assessment and at home practice option that is the first of its kind in the country.” All in all the objective of Music Edge is to conduct the music learning process in a gradewise manner, assisted by fun and engaging videos without compromising on the quality of learning.

Adding FSM’s extensive musical experience with TATA ClassEdge’s expertise related to K12 Ed-tech will help create a platform where school’s can become a real hub for providing a lot more than just traditional learning.

Competition today is fierce and having a well developed character and well rounded skillset is essential for any young individual to stand out among the crowd. Music is a great skill to possess and having a platform which is so readily accessible and comfortable to learn and understand will help young mind’s equip themselves better for their future.

Source: ANI
Published : May 18, 2022