Engaging and impactful teaching-learning solutions for schools

Tata ClassEdge was created with 25 years of international experience in the space of e-learning. With a team of multi-disciplinary specialists, Tata ClassEdge constantly innovates in pedagogy, technology and content to enhance teaching-learning experiences for schools in India. Our wide network of service experts delivers unmatched support, ensuring that schools can adopt the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching with ease.

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Why Tata ClassEdge?

At Tata ClassEdge, we take the ‘Ed’ in Edtech seriously. Our proprietary instructional framework, the Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEX) model, was developed on the premise that when students use multiple senses and are engaged in several planned activities, they retain concepts better. Our lesson plans provide powerful teaching ideas for teachers, and our worksheets and interactive media encourage critical and creative thinking. Our videos explain the core ideas of concepts and trigger critical discussions in classrooms.

How do we ensure that our digital assets remain relevant for your teachers?  Every teacher has a unique teaching style, and each school recommends textbooks from different publishers. Therefore, we tightly map our content to your school’s specific curriculum to reflect the table of contents of the books you use. This makes it super-easy for teachers to find the resources they want to use in a class. Subject-specific tools like Diagram Maker, Practicals, LabEdge, GameEdge and Timeline amplify the power of excellent teaching.

How does the chemistry one studies get applied at a workplace? Every student has such unanswered queries. To address such questions, we introduced Industry Insights, a rich collection of videos of real-life applications of curricular concepts from the Tata Group companies. It exposes students to career paths in science and industry applications of concepts taught in the classroom.

With a highly energized team of service experts of academic and technology, Tata ClassEdge provides world-class service support to all schools who have adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.


Tata ClassEdge has been providing instructional e-learning curriculum and technology solutions specifically created for Indian schools, teachers and students since 2011.
ClassEdge Platinum

ClassEdge Platinum by TataClassedge is a powerful product, tailormade with features such as integrated digital content, whiteboard, widgets and much more for the benefit of teachers and students.

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Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Early Childhood Education is an expertly designed three-year pre-primary curriculum that enhances the natural curiosity of children.

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CE Prime

CE Prime seamlessly integrates cutting-edge hardware, intuitive software, unrivalled service, and bespoke teacher training. It helps create magical teaching experience in your classroom.

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Thinking About Values

Designed for grades 1-8, ‘Thinking About Values’ is based on the National Curriculum Framework. The solution includes a series of age-appropriate, visually rich textbooks and digital content, which will help young students make informed ethical decisions in real life contexts.

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Think Edge(STEM LAb)

Tata ClassEdge ThinkEdge Labs aims at enabling schools towards creating an ecosystem to foster learning, creativity, and innovation in Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics which is aligned with CBSE Skill Subjects and NEP 2020.

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ClassEdge Language Studio

ClassEdge Language Studio (English Language Lab) is a Language Learning Product deployed through Language Labs. Imparting AI assisted learning with easy to use mechanics, it uses cutting-edge technology & rich functional content.

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Music Edge

Music Edge has integrated technology with music to bring the best to your school. It will fill your music classes with happiness and joy with Music Edge’s ‘In-School K-12’ program and innovative Music Lab Set Up.

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ClassEdge Academy

ClassEdge Academy empowers teachers to bring out the passion in learning, new things, evoke interest in the subject, kindle the curiosity of the mind, provoke the adventurous spirit lying within, help the student build right relationships and much more.

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Managed Services (Academic&Technical-ET)

We believe that our bond with the schools goes beyond hardware and consumables. How about adding a human touch to it? That’s where our Edge Trainers (ETs) come into picture. The Edge Trainers are our resource persons who will be in your school full-time.

Technical – AMC + Consumables + Networking 

Imagine the projector bulb goes off or the speakers refuse to work when you need them most. Such instances are rare. No need to worry. Be it about replacing a bulb or buying a new consumable, networking or simply a health check-up of the classroom hardware, please don’t hesitate to call us. We will be at your service.


Awards and Recognition

Tata ClassEdge has won various awards, including, ‘Best Holistic Teaching and Learning Technology Platform’ at Brainfeed 2023, ‘Happy Companies to Work For’ and ‘HR Innovators Award’ at the 32nd World HRD Congress.

Best Holistic Teaching and Learning Technology

Event organised by Brainfeed, in 2023

Happy Companies to Work For

Event organised by World HRD Congress, in 2024

HR Innovators

Event organised by World HRD Congress, in 2024