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Tata ClassEdge partners with Concept Learning Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and launches Math lab

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Math lab to enable students understand concepts through hands-on instruments and an interactive software

Mumbai, November 10, 2016 – TATA ClassEdge, a leading provider of innovative technology based learning solutions for schools, partners with Concept Learning, the company that develops Math Buddy, a unique confluence of ‘Hands-on’ instruments and interactive software to help students explore, experience and enjoy mathematics.

Sachin Torne, Chief – Products and Services of Tata ClassEdge, said, “Math Lab was launched by us to improve the learning curve of students in Mathematics, which is often disliked as a subject. Students fear that despite spending time on calculations and formulas, the end answer will not be accurate. In contrast to the traditional approach, Math Buddy actually guides learning through exploration, reasoning and activity. It focuses more on conceptual understanding and collaboration, rather than just results.”

Kannan Bharadwaj, CEO, Concept Learning Technologies Pvt Ltd, said “More than 220 schools and 20,000 teachers, students and parents are enrolled with Math Buddy and we are excited that Tata ClassEdge has decided to partner with us to make Mathematics a fun subject at school. At Math Buddy, our vision is to make math concepts easy for children to visualize, and understand their practical applications through activities. We provide a complete solution to help different types of learners through lab instruments, virtual lab and online access, and hope that students will enjoy this new way of learning.”

Math Buddy provides 60+ types of lab instruments covering over 200 activities. It also provides a fully interactive software platform with more than 1300 activities to illustrate concepts and make the classroom and lab interactive. The software is available for students from 1st to 10th Standard.

About Tata ClassEdge

Tata ClassEdge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better, with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and interactive technology. Tata ClassEdge’s proprietary instructional framework, the Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) model, makes use of distinct types of activities that promote social and thinking skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research-orientation and communication skills. More than 70,000 teachers across India have already adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.

About Math Buddy

Math Buddy is a product from Concept Learning Technologies Pvt Ltd and is a complete Math teaching and learning solution to help students understand math concepts. It is a unique confluence of best in class hands-on instruments with a virtual interactive software that can be used in a classroom or from a lab. With over 1300 interactive activities, 200 hands-on activities and an assessment database with over 8300 questions, it can help teachers illustrate concepts and assess students’ understanding with ease. Math Buddy is currently being used by more than 220 schools impacting over 100,000 learners across India.

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