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Tata ClassEdge launches an integrated suite of edtech solutions and partners with Knewton

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

● New solutions to complement Tata ClassEdge’s classroom solution and provide individualized learning experiences
● Partnership with Knewton, globally renowned for adaptive personalized learning
● An ecosystem of solutions to enhance engagement between schools and parents

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mumbai, TATA ClassEdge, a leading provider of innovative technology based learning solutions for schools, today announced a partnership with Knewton, the world’s leading adaptive learning company, and the launch of Cosmos, an integrated suite of products. Pioneering the introduction of personalized learning in India, Tata ClassEdge’s Cosmos, and Knewton’s adaptive learning platform, will help schools across India provide individualized learning paths for each student.

Cosmos includes a mobile-based parent app, home access to students via tablets/web and a value education curriculum in addition to the existing classroom, planning and assessment solutions. Through the use of Knewton’s adaptive learning platform, each student will receive specific, real-time recommendations based on how she learns, what she’s mastered, goals she has set with her teacher, and what works best for similar students. Parents will get a detailed analysis of their child’s academic performance with actionable feedback, instead of just knowing their child’s scores.

At the occasion, Nirav Khambhati, CEO of Tata ClassEdge, said, “The introduction of Tata ClassEdge Cosmos is a turning point in our initiative to improve the effectiveness of education systems in India and to empower teachers, students and parents as well. Our partnership with Knewton, a renowned name in adaptive learning, helps bring global expertise in the personalization of education for Indian students and will further strengthen their learning experience.”

“We are excited to partner with Tata Group’s Tata ClassEdge to provide our adaptive learning technology in India, one of the largest and most important countries in the world,” said Jose Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Knewton. “Knewton has a proven track record of significantly improving student, outcomes. Our partnership with the Tata Group will help bring high-quality adaptive content to students across India.”

Tata ClassEdge Cosmos will extend teaching and learning from school to home and augment the current classroom solution with individualized learning experiences. Students will be able to seamlessly continue learning at home at their own pace. The technology is currently being run in pilot batches across India and will be made available to schools enabled with Tata ClassEdge technologies by April 2016.

Tata ClassEdge joins a growing list of education companies around the world using Knewton’s adaptive platform. Knewton has delivered more than 15 billion personalized recommendations to over 10 million students on every continent except Antarctica.

About Tata ClassEdge
Tata ClassEdge provides an innovative and comprehensive instructional solution that empowers teachers to teach better, with an effective blend of curriculum-mapped classroom activities and interactive technology. Tata ClassEdge’s proprietary instructional framework, the Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) model, makes use of distinct types of activities that promote social and thinking skills in students, including critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, research-orientation and communication skills. More than 70,000 teachers across India have already adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.

About Knewton
With Knewton, every student gets a more personal learning experience. Teachers, schools, and education companies around the world use Knewton to power digital course materials that dynamically adapt to each student’s unique needs. Knewton provides students with tailored curriculum recommendations, teachers with analytics to better support each student, and publishers with content insights to develop more effective digital products.
Knewton was founded in 2008 and has offices in New York City, London, São Paulo, and Tokyo.

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