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Round table discusses adaptive learning

Monday, 04 April 2016

Online Coverage

MUMBAI: Recently, a round table in the city discussed using adaptive learning to personalize education.


The event saw a group of influencers and opinion leaders discuss the issue of providing personalized learning to every child through adaptive technology. Few principals who were present at the event were from the following schools – New Horizon Scholars School, Podar International school, G.D.Somani, Green Lawns school.


Organised by Tata ClassEdge, which recently launched an integrated suite of edtech solutions and partnered with Knewton, the world’s leading adaptive learning company. The new technology in the form of apps will help schools across India provide individualized learning paths for each student. Tata ClassEdge also partnered with City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow where an agreement was signed for 877 classrooms. This was one of the largest implementation of technology in any school globally.


Cosmos includes a mobile-based parent app, home access to students via tablets/web and a value education curriculum in addition to the existing classroom, planning and assessment solutions. Through the use of Knewton’s adaptive learning platform, each student will receive specific, real-time recommendations based on how she learns, what she’s mastered, goals she has set with her teacher, and what works best for similar students.


Parents will get a detailed analysis of their child’s academic performance with actionable feedback, instead of just knowing their child’s scores. Sachin Torne – Chief Officer- Products and Services, said, “”The apps will help parents stay connected to what is happening in the classroom. Teachers can send out results, notices, circulars and reminders. Parents can form groups with parents from the same class and also communicate with the teachers and seek meeting appointments.””


Products that were launched include, Parent app – School Connect – enhances parent involvement through simplified communication and transactions; Students App- ClassEdge After School – creates a personalized learning experience for the students by allowing them to continue their learning outside the classroom. Using this solution, students can complete assigned work, revise and test themselves at home, at their own pace. But the real value lies in how these individual solutions integrate with each other. How you can assign after school work from the board or how syllabus updates are automatically sent to the parent basis your weekly log and Value Education Model- Thinking About Values which aims to ensure students start questioning themselves on what is right and wrong from an early age.