Learning Experiences

Classroom solution for innovative teaching

Tata ClassEdge Philosophy

Tata ClassEdge believes teachers are central to the teaching-learning experiences in a classroom and that the role of technology enabled classrooms is to empower them, not to make them passive or redundant. The pedagogical focus of Tata ClassEdge is to support teachers in helping students construct their knowledge by involving them in learning.


The MLEx™ Instructional Framework

The Multiple Learning Experiences (MLEx™) model is developed on the premise that when students use multiple senses and are involved in a variety of carefully planned activities, they will be better involved in the learning process and will retain concepts better.

Making of Tata ClassEdge




Key Features

  • Lesson plans that include ‘Learning experiences’ (based on our proprietary ‘Multiple Learning Experiences’ framework), such as activities, worksheets, multimedia, games and simulations, animations are designed to promote critical and creative thinking
  • Content mapped according to the Board and textbooks prescribed by the school
  • Apps, which are contextual subject-specific tools, to support teachers, such as Diagram Maker, Timeline, Mind Maps, Practicals, LabEdge and GameEdge
  • Inside Industry, a video collection of real life applications of curricula from the Tata Group companies to showcase career paths and industry applications of classroom concepts
  • Reports that record usage on a continual basis to determine asset utilisation and track overall return on investment
  • Hardware, teacher training, implementation and service support
  • ClassEdge Connect – Connecting teachers across various campuses

Lesson Plans

  • Best-in-class pedagogical support for your teachers, developed by experts.
    Tata ClassEdge lesson plans integrate teaching strategies with varied ‘learning experiences ’
  • Activities – Helps develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creative thinking, peer interaction and communication.
  • Multimedia – Helps students visualize difficult and abstract concepts through animations and videos
  • Worksheets – Promotes critical thinking, artistic expression and literary skills in students.
  • Quizzes -Reinforce concepts effectively.
  • Apps – Contextual subject-specific tools to support teachers with what they need, when they need it.


  • Diagram Maker (Step-by-step drawing support for science): Practice; Revise; Test
  • Timeline (Chronological support for history): Interactive chronological timeline; Helps recollect events; Effective revision tool
  • Mind maps (Quick summary of key concepts): Interactive concept maps; Easy to revise and reinforce


  • Virtual simulations of lab experiments
  • 3D Virtual labs – CBSE prescribed practical experiments
  • Includes procedures, observation sheets, test questions
  • Students can try multiple situations and view results of
    altered parameters
  • Can be used to conduct and revise practicals
  • 9th -12th Physics, Chemistry and Biology


  • Games for Mathematics, English grammar, Hindi
    grammar, Science and Social Studies
  • Various formats such as Cricket Challenge, Bee-Line and
    Blast a Stone
  • Team games to encourage healthy competition
  • Designed at different levels of difficulty to provide
    adequate challenge for students
  • Easy to create new games using existing game


  • Virtual labs, visualisation tools and simulations
  • Digital interactive experiences that cover mathematics,
    science and geography
  • Encourages deep learning and conceptual


Inside Industry


Students learn and understand better when they see how things work in real life. Since traditional teaching methods don’t allow for such a process, Tata ClassEdge now features ‘Inside Industry’ videos to connect textbook concepts to real life. These videos also expose students to the kind of careers that are open to them if they acquire mastery in certain subject areas.


Making the most of the Tata Group’s footprint across various industrial sectors, these videos are shot at the plants and labs of various Tata Group companies. Currently, Tata ClassEdge has brought out close to 50 videos featuring industrial processes, laboratory experiments and interviews with experts.


Group Connect


  • Connects teachers across different campuses within the same group of schools
  • Creation and exchange of teaching resources and ideas
  • Analytics on Tata ClassEdge usage at the school and group levels
  • Compare usage across different schools


How it works


Infrastructure, Service & Training Support

  • Installation of required infrastructure, hardware, software and data networking
  • Arrangements for providing Internet connectivity to schools to access the Tata ClassEdge web-based portal as well as general educational content.
  • Set up of ‘EdgeCentre’ in schools to enable teachers to have access to the content and prepare for their classes
  • MPLS connectivity that enables Tata ClassEdge to upload new content as soon as it is ready on the school server. The connectivity allows schools to collaborate through a secured network and build a knowledge sharing community


Tata ClassEdge provides several services to enable the efficient use of Tata ClassEdge. These include:

  • A trained Edge Coordinator.
  • Two TeacherEdge sessions (our proprietary teacher training service) per academic year
  • The services of an educational consultant for supporting teachers on the use of Tata ClassEdge products
  • Maintenance of the equipment provided to school and training the teachers on the system




For Schools

  • State-of-the-art educational software and technology infrastructure, including projectors and power back-up systems
  • An EdgeCentre in schools for teachers to access Tata ClassEdge lesson plans
  • Training for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Ability to generate students’ progress and attendance reports
  • Ability to track teachers’ usage of Tata ClassEdge

For Teachers

  • Access to well-designed and easy-to-use lesson plans to make classes more engaging and memorable
  • Use of Plug Points and other interesting facts to correlate subjects
  • Differentiated activities aimed at both struggling students and high achievers
  • Ability to add notes and resources that can be shared with other teachers in the school
  • Access to a large bank of assessment questions, with varying levels of difficulty, to frame test papers
  • Better utilization of time with interactive tools like Solid Shaper, Number Line, Periodic Table, Lenses, Maps and many more

Interactive tools

For Students

  • Encourages creative thinking, problem solving and decision making
  • Develops interpersonal, communication, presentation and collaboration skills
  • Ability to connect various topics
  • Real-life application of the curriculum

For Parents

  • Feedback on child’s performance
  • Development of child’s life skills