School Connect

Helping parents connect with their child’s education

Understanding that it is difficult for parents to keep track of students’ education and that they may miss out important information, we created a mobile application for parent communication ‘School Connect’, available on Android as well as iOS.


Key Features

  • Announcement/notices/events
  • Reminders regarding fees, homework, and assignments
  • Polls and requests for parental feedback
  • Photo Gallery
  • Syllabus coverage
  • Attendance records
  • Exam timetables
  • Marksheets
  • Homework details
  • Fee payment
  • Parent-to-school communication

How it works


  • Can be used by administrators and teachers
  • Message approval mechanism available
  • Due date can be set for reminders
  • Automated syllabus coverage updates based on yearly plan
  • Homework assignment from the white board


  • Can be simultaneously used by both parents (multiple devices)
  • Due date integrated with device calendar – automatic reminders
  • Notifications for new updates

Interactive tools


  • Helps them manage child’s education better
  • Updates on events and happenings in school
  • Easy access to all academic information
  • Convenient access to school


  • Instant and effective parent communication
  • Parent involvement and engagement
  • Improved transparency
  • Reduced cost and effort (no circulars or paper management)