Academic planning made easy

The Academic Planning Tool

Creating an academic plan for the whole year is far from easy. Teachers are required to plan the curriculum, create timetables and plan both formative and summative assessments!
With PlanEdge, a cutting-edge academic and curriculum planning tool from Tata ClassEdge, the whole process now gets automated, efficient and simplified. You just need to set up the plan once and reuse it year after year, with minor tweaks.


Academic Year Planning made easy

  • Create an academic plan for the year, plan holidays and school events and create class sections based on school timing, teachers and school infrastructure.

Curriculum Planning

  • Assign class periods for various subjects for each class, list the lessons to be covered per term, define the learning objectives and assign classroom activities against each objective.

Interactive tools

Assessment Planning

  • Define academic terms based on sections, such as primary, secondary, higher secondary, etc and plan formative and summative assessments.

Grade Book Generation

  • Record academic performance and co-scholastic observations, generate report card in accordance with CBSE’s CCE and capture students’ behavioral patterns.


Timetable Creator

  • Generate automated timetables that help avoid conflicting class periods, assign Tata ClassEdge classrooms optimally based on system-generated timetables and upload manually generated timetables (if required).

Academic Planning made easy

  • Manage student records across academic years.
  • Update lesson completion status for each class.
  • Assign homework or assignments to students.
  • Maintain attendance and behavioral records.
  • Maintain performance reports for students and teachers.