Math Lab

“The only way to learn Math is to do Math” – Paul Halmos

Mathematics is a subject which needs to be explored to be learnt. Many children begin with a lack of conceptual understanding at an early age and end up struggling with, and sometimes even fearing the subject later in life.

With a vision to make Mathematics the most loved subject in school, Tata ClassEdge has partnered with Concept Learning Technologies to bring to you ClassEdge Math Lab, a unique confluence of hands-on tools and interactive activities to help children explore, experience and enjoy Mathematics.

  • Hands-On Instruments

Deepen student’s understanding of the subject through actual hands-on exploration of the concepts and learning through discovery.

Hands-On Instruments

Virtual Lab

Reinforce what they learn using interactive and engaging activities added to an existing computer lab.

  • Home Access

Online solution for students and teachers to access the virtual lab wherever they go.

Home Access

  • Over 1,000 interactive activities in a game-based design to keep kids coming back for more
  • Assessment database with 8,000+ questions
  • Ideal for interactive whiteboards and classroom response systems
  • Best-in-class hands-on tools with fully illustrated, activity manuals covering more than 100 activities
  • Access to virtual activities through any internet enabled device
  • Comprehensive reports on student and classroom performance
  • Easily aligned to any curriculum



  • Suitable for any type of learner – audio, visual, kinesthetic
  • Reduces anxiety by giving less emphasis to competition and more to collaboration


  • Increases participation among students through creative and exciting activities
  • Saves time spent on creating homework assignments & tests by providing pre-made questions and assessments


  • Helps you stay ahead of the curve with superior technology & equipment
  • Empowers teachers with a system to teach Mathematics effectively without straying from the syllabus