Hands-on Learning

Make learning more Easy, Enriching and Engaging.

When children truly engage with a subject, their thirst for learning goes beyond exams and lasts for life. We do this by creating very practical models of learning that children can themselves build, apply and learn.

As children begin to apply what they learn through math labs and science labs, there will be more scientists, mathematicians and biologists from the third world who will do outstanding work in their chosen field.

Tata ClassEdge brings to you Hands-on Learning in association with our hands on learning partner – Butterfly Fields. Hands-on Learning is an experiential learning approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) which bridges the gap between theoretical concepts and real world practices and increases learner engagement.

  • BUILD amazing models from pedal boat to hydraulic canon,vacuum cleaner to disc brakes.
  • APPLY the theories from your text books such as centre of gravity and air resistance
  • LEARN the concepts not by memory,but by understanding itsapplication in real life.



  • Facilitates hands-on learning of science and mathematics
  • Sets the school apart from competition
  • Versatile budget solutions with zero set-up cost


  • Transition from chalk and talk to hands-on learning mode
  • Can be adapted to different learning curves
  • Encourages student collaboration and teamwork

Interactive tools


  • Promotes the scientific method and critical thinking
  • Experience for deeper understanding of concepts
  • Productive engagement – build, think, apply, play and explore
  • Encourages self-learning


  • Joy of seeing their children play, explore and experiment
  • Boosts the child’s attention span
  • Effective engagement for children