English Lab


Nurturing English Language Proficiency

Language primarily develops from listening and speaking. Listening and speaking skills when nurtured to the full have a positive and marked effect on students for whom English is a second language.

Words Worth English Language Lab is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to listening and speaking skills is put to use in a stimulating lab environment or audio visual room. In addition, it also focuses on vocabulary and grammar as well as finer nuances of language like intonation, stress patterns, pace of speech and so on.

Keeping the importance of a teacher in mind, Words Worth English Language Lab sessions ensure teacher-learner interaction in the class. The human touch and expertise that a teacher brings into the classroom combine with the rich content of Words Worth Language Lab to provide an effective learning experience for the learner.


Practice & Assessment

  • Pronunciation: Learn correct pronunciation of consonant and vowel sounds with correct stress patterns of syllables.
  • Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL): Use a benchmark model for teaching, enhancing and evaluating learners’ proficiency in English as mandated by the CBSE.
  • Fluency: Develop fluency through audio/visual applications and simulated interactions.


  • Understanding Native Speakers: Develop the skills needed to comprehend native speakers.
  • Listening Skills: Take listening skills from simple to complex levels with the help of varied audio/visual exercises along with classroom activities.

Interactive tools

Sound & Speech

  • Pace of Speech: Cultivate a speaking style that is slow enough to be clearly understood and fast enough to be interesting.
  • Tackling Indianisms: Learn to avoid errors caused by direct translation from one’s mother tongue into English.
  • Eliminating Mother Tongue Influence (MTI): Focus on overcoming pronunciation differences caused by MTI.
  • Intonation: Polish English skills by mastering variations in volume, pitch, speed, pause and stress.

Vocabulary & Grammar

  • Vocabulary Expand vocabulary, which is presented in context and by way of semantic grouping.
  • Grammar Improve grammar introduced through natural, everyday scenarios.

Using a fun-filled method of delivery, Words Worth English Language Lab caters to the need of ICSE/CBSE students. It ensures:

Step-by-Step Improvement

  • Content mapped to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Language skills gradually upgraded from A1 to C2 level over an eight-module course.

Holistic Improvement

  • Integrated functional grammar
  • Vocabulary introduced in context
  • Pronunciation practice using phonetics
  • Extensive listening and speaking practice using everyday English scenarios