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About Us

Radisson-Bulb-MBD-Hotel-NoidaBringing Innovation to Education

The Tata Group has over 25 years of international experience in the space of e-learning. It is with this rich experience in digital education that Tata ClassEdge was conceptualized in 2011 with the aim of improving the effectiveness of education systems in India.

Being a research-based organization, we spoke to academicians, influential stakeholders as well as parents and students to identify the challenges in Indian school education. We realized that there were primarily four issues:

  • Engaging varied learners in the classroom
  • Lack of personalization in education
  • Administrative burden of teachers and principals
  • Low parent involvement

While technology solution providers could potentially ease some of these problems, from our experience of 25 years, we have realized that technology alone can never be a solution. Tata ClassEdge believes that teachers are central to the teaching-learning experiences in a classroom and that the role of technology is to empower them, not to make them passive or redundant. Success therefore lies in thoughtful pedagogical design and meticulous implementation of technology.

That’s when Tata ClassEdge decided to be a partner to schools in the journey of schooling and help schools apply technology in a way that addresses their specific needs. Thanks to Tata ClassEdge Cosmos, an ecosystem of solutions we’ve developed over the past 5 years, we now have an integrated approach to deal with the various aspects of schooling.

With a highly energized team of multi-disciplinary specialists, Tata ClassEdge constantly innovates in pedagogy, technology and content aimed enhancing learning experiences. More than 1300 schools and 70,000 teachers across India have already adopted the Tata ClassEdge way of teaching.


Tata ClassEdge has won various awards, including ‘Best Interactive Solution Provider’ at the 8th ASSOCHAM Education Summit & National Excellence Awards 2015, ‘Best Resources Provider- K12’ at the 5th Indian Education Awards 2015 and ‘Best Technology Solution Provider’ at the World Education Awards 2015.

Vision & Mission

Tata ClassEdge’s vision and mission are guided by a strong desire of improving the effectiveness of India’s education system and are defined by two core ideas: Sustainability and Social Impact. These will not just help Tata ClassEdge reduce inequity among students, but also enable building a scalable platform to reach out to an ever increasing number of students in the future.