Tata ClassEdge aims to help create an active learning environment, with an effective blend of innovative classroom and outdoor activities, projects and multimedia. Our highly interactive and visually rich multimedia provides effective, short-duration animations and interactivities that help in better retention and easy understanding of concepts. It also uses fun and colourful characters to teach kindergarten and primary school students.
Click on the demos below and experience the benefits of education with animation.


  • English: Incy Wincy Spider
    English: The Alphabet Song
  • English: The Letter A/a
    English: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • EVS: Fun with Colours: Red
    EVS: Wild Animals
  • Maths: I Love Numbers: Five
    Maths: Near and Far


  • EVS - 2nd Std: Animals Used for Transport
    EVS - 3rd Std: I Have Tiny White Teeth!
  • EVS - 1st Std: My School and My Class
    EVS- 4th Std: Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles
  • Geography - 4th Std: India's Natural Regions
    Geography - 3rd Std: Our Sun
  • History - 4th Std: India in Ancient Times
    History - 4th Std: Life in Harappa
  • Maths - 4th Std: LCM by Prime Factorisation
    Maths - 1st Std: On the Farm
  • Maths - 3rd Std: Patterns that Grow
    Maths - 4th Std: Place Value Fun


  • Geography - 10th Std: Rainwater Harvesting
    Geography - 7th Std: Steps of Lumbering
  • History - 5th Std: Abraham Lincoln and Abolition of Slavery
    History - 7th Std: Miniature Paintings
  • Maths - 10th Std: Areas of Sector and Segments
    Maths - 7th Std: Units of Area
  • Science - 8th Std: Eye and Vision
    Science - 7th Std: The Working of the Heart